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Unfocused: In this busy world with so many distractions swirling around us, it is difficult to stay focused on what is most important. The images shown are expressing this need to discover, to find meaning, to see purpose in all that surrounds us. Do we stand back and tug at tangled strings to unravel the secrets of life? Do we dive head first into a stew of kelp and stems to discover the treasures hidden below? We look around us only to find that everyone else is also searching, eyes and hearts open, yet we are all still unable to focus on the answer that is right within us.

With a concentration on the interpretive power of the abstract, I work to tease the inner imagination of the viewer. The results are mysterious and poetic landscapes that reveal energetic patterns, or the whisper of delicate detail.

All images were captured in camera within a fraction of a second, with minimal adjustment in Lightroom. This intensity of defined movements carried out within a compressed time period, influence both my creative focus and the emotional impact of the final photograph.